Awesome Art Begins with the Artist!
Carol claims she “will paint on just about anything” including rocks, wood, walls, stucco, brick, block, and even skin. Her fame began as a face painter for a local elementary school function. Her face painting business, “Grin & Wear It!” was born and she is known as Miss Bubble to kids and parents everywhere. Services included painting faces, arms, hands, and legs for private parties and large functions. This business was passed on to her daughter, Beritt (AKA..Miss GigglyBoo McKutikins) in 2009 and is still a successful venture.
  Cheerful describes her artwork best. Flowers, animals, and fantastical creatures are her passion. Bright colors and attention to detail are trademarks of Carol’s work. Her repertoire includes a set of prints depicting a princess, a castle, and dragons; original paintings and prints of flowers, birds, pixies, fairies, mermaids, and whimsical and fantastical scenery; painting animals on rocks; murals on floors and walls indoors and out, even a garage door.
     Carol can be reached by stopping into  Crockett Gallery,
39 Market Street,
Onancock, VA 23417 or by
e-mail at, or by
phone (757) 710-9615.
Carol Crockett, Awesome Artist