Fun Art Begins with the Artist!

Since I was in first grade, all I've ever wanted to do was paint and draw. After several years as assistant manager in retail sales and loss prevention and then 20 years as a real estate agent I decided to persue my dream. Face painting kind of fell in my lap and allowed me some freedom of expression in the art world. There can't be a more rewarding job than making kids smile all day! Then I started painting rocks and eventually in the last 10 years I finally listened to my parents and started painting on paper. I have to say, I love my job!! Its like therapy to me. When I'm painting, I just feel good!
Growing up in a home with a famous watercolor artist had its advantages. What I didn't see outside I saw on paper as my dad created it. Inspired by the very nature I grew up in and my three kids' love of the natural wonders and the wonders of their imaginations, I began to paint my own creations. Kids are good judges for me, when they like it, I know I've done a good job.
Carol Crockett, Awesome Artist!